5 Quick Ways to Save Money

  1. Stop Buying the Latest technology-Who doesn’t like the latest and the greatest iPhone!? But does that mean handing over your hard-earned money for a better camera sound smart? I have got an Answer NO; it’s hard to make cash, so don’t hand it over just like that to these billion-dollar companies. Getting some used tech is a cheaper way to get the latest technology some recommendations from our end are:
  • Separate out things that you really need and/or really want.
  • Buy refurbished tech from sites like eBay or Amazon
  • Check the seller ratings and history of sales.
  1. Pay Off that Debt-“when you don’t have debt, your money can go wherever you want it to go”. Hey you, there is no point in making $100 when you have to pay back $200. It’s vital to understand the legal implications which come along with debt. You don’t want to spend your precious time in courts with expensive lawyers. Above all that, debt collectors can really ding your money. Do you wish to receive 200 calls a day when companies don’t follow the laws of not harassing you as a living human being.
  2. That Car or that dress can waitiFslDTzozM4E5LovXEtDOGNuh4528JyJk3XWcT 8nzYFyKRJueTsJyGs5VUCw5EVmvAGZPY=s114Ferraris, Porsches, Mustangs – all of them look good until they start burning your money. Don’t earn $700 a week and spend $400 on a car debt and maintenance; you there! I think you have to get a Toyota. Women love buying clothes; we all know they can shop around the whole day if they could. Ladies, be smart with your money; you know you don’t need to have a different dress in every new Instagram picture. Spending your money wisely will always be up to you! So be wise, save now and spend later.
  3. Setting up a savings account is reasonable until you can automate your savings-We discovered something magical which can save you a lot of money every year! ‘Frollo’ and ‘Money Brilliant’ are two apps that every Aussie shouldUxje XDHgE5ZH63ipR3rbtO2hR4VurkJwsawSS1dz0Ar5y9qQLGvTW9lHYuabiamlPoSsQ=s158 have. Tracking your bills, spending, and saving has never been so easy. Forget those default bank apps which will never give you an accurate picture. Check out & for your financial needs. Gone is the time where you open up a normal savings account, it’s the time for technology to jump in! Adapting it in our daily lives would definitely help save up that hard earned money.
  4. Planning your meals vs burning a hole in the pocket? –Weight gain, cholesterol and being broke are all the causes of eating outside your home every day. A coffee every day will keep you away from your saving goal. Eating healthy will never be equivalent to eating outside your own home. Try and cook most of your meals home, and you will see a good balance between your health and your bank account.yb9C7bI xMdzCq fvaIJOHT2Aeisp

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