The right insulation for your home

Insulation comes in many different forms, from batts to wraps, and panels. Each type of insulation also comes in a variety of sizes and different thermal properties, making it hard to choose which type you need. Here is a list of different types of insulation that can help you choose which one is the right […]

Why is it necessary to insulate your home?

Whether you are considering investing in a green source of energy for your home, the first step you should take is to improve your home’s insulation. This will ensure that you maximize the use of natural resources and don’t waste energy. Why is it necessary to insulate your home? Well, if you skip right over […]

What is wall wrap and what is it used for?

No Gap Insulation Wall Wrap

What is wall wrap? It is the insulation that wraps around the outside of the home and it is also commonly referred to as Sisalation.   You’ve probably seen it hundreds of times before without realising what it is. If you’ve ever driven past a building site and seen a reflective material wrapped around the […]

The benefits of using Knauf Earthwool

Knauf Earthwool are one of the leading brands in the insulation industry. They have a range of products suited to many different application needs. Here are the benefits of using Knauf Earthwool:   One of the main benefits of using Earthwool products for your next project is that they are environmentally friendly, made using up […]

How much does it cost to replace insulation?

Insulation is made to last a long time; however, occasionally it may need to be replaced. Reflective insulation can become torn and lose its efficiency, as the barrier is broken. On the other hand, bulk insulation can compress and lose its ability to absorb heat. If you’ve recently moved into an older home, you may […]

The top reasons to use Pink Batts

Fletcher’s Pink Batts are one of the most recognisable insulation batts in the trade. With their distinct pink colour, they’re hard to miss. Here are some of the top reasons to use pink batts for your next project.   As one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality insulation products in Australia, Fletcher Insulation […]

What is thermal bridging and why is it important?

Essentially, thermal bridging refers to heat energy lost through uninsulated materials such as doors, windows, and timber and metal frames, which has a negative impact on the overall performance of the building envelope system.   To fully understand this, you need understand the basics of insulation and how heat is retained or lost within a […]

Business as usual amid the COVID-19 outbreak

We are frequently monitoring the situation with the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, also known as the Coronavirus. To keep everyone safe, we are taking preventative measures at the office to ensure that our staff, family and friends, suppliers, contractors and customers are not at risk. Our team has been instructed to follow a […]

Why are Housing Costs at an All Time Low?

Insulation bulk thermal cold heat warm acoustic

Insulation: the answer to your housing cost problems. Yes, you read that correctly and no, we’re not pulling your leg. Usually you’re seeing a headline that reads ‘house prices are going up’, ‘property prices peak’, ‘property market hits all-time high’. All these usual scare tactics make you believe home ownership is a luxury and not […]