Your One-Stop Shop for Insulation. We Supply and Install All Over Melbourne!

Your One-Stop Shop For Insulation.
We Supply and Install all over Melbourne!

Ametalin Insulation

Ametalin specialises in applying the principles of reflective insulation to develop building insulation systems for the diverse range of climatic conditions typical of Australia.

Ametalin supports the Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture’s philosophy for humid coastal climates: to achieve thermal comfort in summer through the control of radiant heat and natural ventilation, as an alternative to air conditioning and heating system that rely on heavy carbon usage.

Ametalin’s products and insulation systems are designed to be safe to install, have superior performance, be easy to fit into existing building process, be light and easy to work with, are cost efficient and are environmentally friendly. Ametalin are a great choice for those who are conscious about their environmental impact, as the company are committed to help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint by developing reflective insulation products that reduce the need for carbon-emitting air conditioning in Australian homes and buildings.