No Gap Sisalation

No Gap Insulation are proud to present our very own branded wall wrap, featuring our new logo. The blue wrapping around the outside a house is a kind of insulation known as wall wrap, or Sisalation. Sisalation foil is extremely effective in severe climate conditions due to its reflective ability. This Sisalation acts like a second skin for your home, offering optimal comfort for its occupants. Sisalation minimises draughts, and is combined with bulk thermal insulation, such as Earthwool Insulation products. This allows the insulation to be the most effective it can be.
Sisalation foil wall wrap provides a radiant barrier between a hot surface, and the area on the other side – e.g. between the exterior brick walls of a home and the internal walls and adjoining living areas. When installed properly, foil insulation will decrease the amount of radiant heat moving through the walls and into home, which will then work in preserving the overall temperature inside the home to be stable and comfortable.

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