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R6.0 Knauf Earthwool 580mm Insulation Batts

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KNAUF Earthwool InsulationR6.0 580 Insulation Batts275mm x 580mm x 1160mm11 Batts per Pack7.4m2 Net Material per Pack8.40m2 Approx Coverage per Pack (as per industry Averages)Direct to publicCLEARANCE!!!Office 0499 114 030Showroom 45A Cooper Str..

R6.0 Pink Batts 430mm Glasswool Insulation Batts

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R6.0 x 430mm Pink Batts CEILING INSULATION6 batts per pack1160mm x 430mm x 250mm3.4m2 Coverage3m2 NetPLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU PURCHASE TO ENSURE SUFFICIENT STOCK IS AVAILABLE !!!Delivery Melbourne Metro $88 (May Vary)Delivery & Pick up Australia Wi..

R6.0 Pink Batts 580mm Glasswool Insulation Batts

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R6.0 x 580mm Pink Batts CEILING INSULATION6 batts per pack1160mm x 580mm x 250mm4.5m2 Coverage4m2 NetPLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU PURCHASE TO ENSURE SUFFICIENT STOCK IS AVAILABLE !!!Delivery Melbourne Metro $88 (May Vary)Delivery & Pick up Au..

R7.0 Bradford Glasswool Ceiling Batts 430mm wide

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CSR R7.0 Glasswool Ceiling Batts 1160mm x 430mm x 290mm – 4 batt pack (Covers approx 2.3m2)..

R7.0 Bradford Glasswool Ceiling Batts 580mm wide

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CSR R7.0 Glasswool Ceiling Batts 1160mm x 580mm x 290mm – 4 batt pack (Covers approx 3m2)..

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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation / Roof Insulation

Ceiling Insulation - Roof Insulation

The ceiling of your property is the second most contributor (area) where heat is lost after walls. Did you know that over 25% of the heat generated by your heaters escapes through the roof? The easiest way to prevent this heat loss is installing Ceiling Insulation (it could be the ceiling in the loft cavity.) Why this much heat leaks through the ceiling/roof? Warm air is lighter than cold air. As a result, warm air rises and escapes through the ceiling. And, that is why you should install adequate insulation in the loft or ceiling. 

What takes place during the summer? Heat from the sun enters your loft or roof cavity via radiation. So, loft/roof cavity temperature increases. This heat will invade your home via conduction through the ceiling. What would you do to compensate heat gain through the ceiling? Well, you will keep air conditioners running all day long, and your energy bills will skyrocket. Can you afford this as a property owner? We don't think so! Ceiling Insulation is a must-have material for every home in Australia. You can save up to 40% on heaters and air conditioners by installing a quality Ceiling Insulation. 

At No Gap Isulation, we have a wide range of Ceiling Insulation for your property's specific requirements. Pink Batts, Polyester Insulation, Glasswool Batts, and Earthwool Batts are the top options available as Ceiling Insulation Melbourne. Our safe insulation materials can easily be installed by homeowners. Anyway, you should contact professionals in the industry if your house is from the 40s, 50, and 60s. Old-days insulation can contain traces of asbestos. So, removing such insulation yourself can cause serious side effects. Hire a home inspector if you are not sure of this asbestos contamination. 

Ceiling Insulation / Roof Insulation Benefits

  1. A massive saving on energy bills: Experts in the insulation industry have found — up to 40% - 45% can be saved on cooling and heating. In other words, the money you spend on roof insulation will give you more in return (in the long run.) 

  2. Comfortable loft conversion: Installing roof insulation is a must-do for a living in a loft conversion room. Converting the loft space to a living room is the latest trend in Australia. Why don't you make use of that space? 

  3. Overall comfort in your home: As mentioned, over 25% of heat can escape through the ceiling during winter, leading to frequent temperature fluctuations. The opposite will take place during the summer. No matter a temperature rise or a drop; you will not be able to live a comfortable life with your family when it happens. Ceiling Insulation helps you to maintain a comfortable temperature all the time. 

The R-value is a thing to consider when choosing insulation for the ceiling. R-value is the thermal resistance, the factor that determines the efficiency of thermal insulation. So, if you live in a colder part of Australia; you will benefit from buying high-R-value insulation. Don't worry! We are here to guide you on which R-value suits your climate the most. Contact us today so!