COVID Safe Plan

At No Gap Insulation, we’re committed to the safety of all our staff and installers as we work through this uncertain and trying time. Here’s our plan on how we’re staying COVID safe.



  • At every entry point of the worksite – including the front glass door, warehouse entrance, kitchen, and bathroom – we have a hand sanitiser station for all staff and visitors to use.
  • We have a six month supply of disposable face masks, hand sanitiser, and paper towels.
  • We’ve enhanced airflow to the office with 3 retrofitted windows that will remain open.
  • The warehouse door is remaining open for ventilation.
  • Every person on premises is required to wear a face mask at all times – if they do not have their own, we have provided disposable face masks for use.
  • All our staff members are trained in the proper use and disposal of face masks, the recommended hand washing and drying process, and have viewed video training in maintaining a sanitary workplace.
  • Hand sanitiser is placed at all high-touch points – at the top and bottom of the staircase and near every door.



  • We’ve increased our environmental cleaning schedule – ensuring all high tough surfaces are cleaned and disinfected twice a day (upon arrival in the morning and after returning from lunch).
  • We are well-stocked with a 6 month supply of cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant.
  • Promote the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Physical distancing

  • We have reduced the number of staff onsite at the office in alliance with government health recommendations – any other staff that can work from home, are currently working from home.
  • All our workers work on one site until the job is complete – we’ve adjusted scheduling so that there is no blending of shifts or workers.
  • We’ve established a temperature screening process of all staff before they enter the premises – both at the entry and upstairs in the office.
  • Customers are not permitted to enter the office.
  • Communal work areas have been reconfigured to ensure employees are an appropriate social distance from each other, with screen barriers and cubical walls separating contact.
  • Cubicals/offices are spaced on average 3 metres apart, and are facing away from each other.
  • Lunch times are staggered to ensure there is no more than three people in the lunchroom.
  • The board room is limited to 4 people – both locations have visible signage throughout to remind employees of the maximum occupancy requirements.
  • Surfaces i.e. tables are cleaned after each use.
  • Excess seating in the boardroom and lunchroom have been removed to deter staff from congregating in these areas.
  • To reduce the build up of employees waiting to enter and exit the workplace, we’ve staggered start and finish times.
  • Only one person is permitted to use the staircase at a time to avoid close contact.
  • Our installers have been briefed on physical distancing expectations while working and socialising (i.e. on lunch breaks).
  • All installers collecting stock is staggered to one at a time.
  • Installers waiting to collect stock must remain inside their vehicle until it is their turn.
  • No installers are permitted in the office or warehouse.
  • We’ve cutback hours and adjusted work days to allow for a rotating roster and physical distancing.
  • Visible signage is posted throughout to remind staff of maximum occupancy/physical distancing requirements.
    • Front door: DO NOT ENTER/STAFF ONLY
    • Lunch room: MAX 3 PEOPLE
    • Board room: MAX 4 PEOPLE


Record keeping

  • We’ve established a process to record the attendance of all staff and visitors with a form collecting the necessary information to identify close contacts, including their name, number, time and date, and locations accessed on the premises
  • Staff have been made aware of the OHS reporting system and how to source it.


Customer pick-up process

  • Showroom, offices, and warehouse will be closed to the general publiccheap insulation covid 19 renovation earthwool pink batts price wise 1 and servicing permitted trades only.
  • Preferred ordering process is through telephone, email, online, or text.
  • Deliveries to job sites remain unchanged.
  • Any customer pick-up we request customers to contact No Gap Insulation advising approximate arrival time.
  • Preferred payment for pick-up customers is Tap & Go whilst remaining in your vehicle.
  • All customers are to remain in their vehicle when being loaded by our staff unless you are directed to a designated loading area for you to load material without assist.
  • Trading hours will remain unchanged until further notice.


Our response to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

  • In the event of a COVID-19 case, we will provide all records of every known address and anyone the affected party has come into contact with while at work – all records will be cross referenced with our CRM system.
  • We are prepared to undertake cleaning and disinfection of the business premises and have engaged a cleaning company for this purpose.
  • If an employee has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or are awaiting test results, they are not, under any circumstances, permitted to enter the office, warehouse, or job sites until they return a negative test result.
  • All our staff, contractors, and employees are logged on our SMS gateway to allow for us to notify them of any incidents as required.
  • Our site manager will also be able to notify anyone else who is on the premises.
  • We are committed to ensuring the premises is deep cleaned and disinfected before it will safely reopen in the event of a confirmed case.


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