Everything you need to know about Underfloor insulation

What is underfloor insulation?

You may understand the need for R valued ceiling and wall insulation, but why underfloor insulation? Installing insulation in all four corners of the room will not only keep your feet warm on those winter mornings but will also retain the heat being expelled from your heater. In turn, this will provide your home with zero gaps for the hot air in the room to escape whilst all windows and doors are shut.

Purpose of underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation stops hot and cold air escaping through the flooring material, leaving you with a more comfortable home to live in, as well as reducing the cost of your home energy bills! Having insulation underfloor is also a great acoustic sound barrier as it will provide your family with more privacy and reduces disturbances from neighbours.

Do you need ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation?

The answer is all dependant on your budget and how much warmth you want to keep in the room. Homes lose more energy through the floor and ceiling combined than through external walls, so if your budget is running tight you may choose to just insulate your underfloor and ceiling as these two will compensate for the walls being missed out on.

Floor insulation for underfloor heating

If you are in a home with underfloor heating and are wanting to install underfloor insulation, this is not a difficult task at all. Doing such a project is recommended as insulating rooms that contain underfloor heating will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the actual heating process, which too leads to bigger savings in the long-run.

Underfloor insulation for timber floors

Installing insulation under timber flooring will most definitely maximise the thermal efficiency of the material. It will help minimise air flow in and out of the property and increase comfort inside the property. The minimum R-value for timber floors in Australia is R1.0.

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Looking for more warmth?

Carpet and rugs can also add a barrier of extra insulation between you and the cool air coming from beneath your house.

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