How does insulation work?

Good quality insulation provides an additional layer of thermal resistance between the inside of your home and the elements outside. Based on your requirements you can get insulation at differing thickness which will help insulate your home keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

How does insulation help regulate the temperature of my house?

Insulation works by slowing down heat flow. There are three main ways in which heat is transmitted; convection, conduction and radiation. We deal with convection and conduction insulation with bulk insulation which is often made with low density materials.

Reflective insulation like foil barriers are used to deal with radiant heat which can be reflected. It's best to use a combination of reflective and bulk insulation for the best coverage.

What's the difference between wall and ceiling insulation?

With wall insulation you are limited in the majority of the cases to using insulation material at a max thickness of 90mm. As a result most wall insulation batts are more higher density. Ceiling batts are thicker as you dont have a cavity issue. 

How does acoustic insulation work?

Acoustic insulation works by providing a varying, often denser, environment through which sound has to pass. Sound travel in waves so the best way to disrupt these waves is to make make them pass through environments of varying density. Rockwool insulation is additionally helpful in restricting sound waves as it is very dense.

Can I install my own insulation?

Yes you can. Just ask us for a few tips, get the right protective gear (as fiberglass can irritate the skin and eyes) and you'll be ready to go!

How long does insulation last? Will I need to change my ceiling insulation in the future?

Insulation can last up to 100 years. There are some factors though which can hinder the performance of your insulation:

  • water damage
  • mould
  • punctures
  • batts can be dislodged
  • dirty/logged with dust

Is there 'better' or 'worse' insulation? Are pink Batts and Knauf Earthwool better than your everyday insulation?

As in everything else, there are better and worse insulation batts. There are quite a lot of imported batts which flake very easily, dusty, glassy, extremely itchy, are hard to install and are simply not as effective as the insulation we provide. We sell only the very best insulation from industry leaders. We are distributors of Knauf Earthwool Insulation in Melbourne and also are distributors of Fletchers Pink Batts in Melbourne. You can read more on the following links.

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