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The “all-under-one-roof” insulation provider in Melbourne, which is a partnership of two highly experienced insulation installation specialist whose experience is over 20 years in the industry. Our professional Insulation Services cover home/commercial projects, and we are specialized in wall and ceiling Insulation Melbourne. Our years of experience in the market and affordable prices make us your right Insulation Suppliers Melbourne. Well, we don't just sell insulating materials. We educate people on what material type suits their application and specific requirements the most. So, if you are confused about the right material type for your commercial or home project; we will guide you from beginning to the end.

Why insulate your home/building?

We, humans; deserve to live comfortable lives in this beautiful world. Anyway, natural phenomena such as environmental cold and heat affect our comfort levels. In a world where we cannot afford to waste energy and money, insulation is the best and easiest solution to control cold and heat. Bulk Insulation has long been used for controlling cold/heat, which drastically increases comfort levels and lowers energy usage. Insulation Batts can save you thousands of dollars on energy bills in the long run.

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Insulation Melbourne and R-value

The efficiency of thermal insulation is measured by the R-value or R-rating (resistance to heat flow through the material.) The higher the R-value, more the thermal resistance. A relationship exists between insulation thickness and R-value. Why should you worry about the thermal resistance of Insulation Batts Melbourne? Choosing an insulation material with the right R-value ensures 100% protection from cold and heat. This measure can vary from insulation type to type and manufacturers. At No Gap Insulation, we sell products of several leading brands in Australia with a wide range of thermal resistance. Well, we know that you are unfamiliar with all these technical jargon. Don't worry! Our expert advice will clear all your doubts and concerns.

Modern Insulation materials in MelbourneModern Insulation materials in Melbourne

Polyester, glasswool, rigid panel, fiberglass, and earthwool are the materials our leading manufacturers use for their quality products? Why should you worry about insulation materials? Well, it is all about asbestos contamination. Manufacturers in the 50s, 60s, and 70s did use asbestos for their products. It was in the late 80s people discovered the side effects of asbestos on human health. Asbestos can kill you gradually in several ways. The Australian government has set strict rules, standards, and regulations on asbestos and asbestos-contaminated materials for health and safety.

At No Gap Insulation, we sell wall insulation, acoustic insulation, roof insulation, underfloor insulation and ceiling insulation that are 100% free from dangerous asbestos. So you need not worry about asbestosis and other possible side effects of asbestos. You can install our insulation materials yourself safely. Anyway, to achieve a higher success rate; hiring professional installers is advisable.

Bulk Insulation

How does insulation work?

Bulk Insulation and other types are materials that show resistance to heat flow. Heat always moves from a hotter place to a colder one, and it takes place during winter and summer. During winter, outside temperature is lower than in your home. As a result, heat in your home goes outside (the colder place,) lowering inside temperature. During summer, outside temperature is higher than in your home. So, heated air from outside enters your home, raising the inside temperature to uncomfortable levels. Heaters and air conditioners help us maintain comfortable temperature levels, but these equipment consume high amounts of electricity.

Insulation Batts and other types act as barriers to heat flow, which results in a stable temperature in your property. So, you can minimize the using of energy-consuming air conditioners and heaters. The ceiling, floor, walls, and roof are the areas that contribute to heat loss/gain. Installing a quality insulating material in these areas minimizes heat loss/gain.

Visit our product page for more information on house insulation options available. We surely have the right Insulation Melbourne type for your specific application. Got any more questions on insulation? Why don't you visit our FAQ page where we have answered common questions on this hot topic? Also, compare our Insulation Prices with other suppliers in the market, and you will realize that we are affordable than others.

Our product range

“Every insulation material type and services at affordable rates” is our standard. Insulation Batts Melbourne, Cheap Earthwool Insulation, Melbourne Home Insulation, Ceiling Insulation Melbourne, Roof Insulation Melbourne and House Insulation are what we sell at affordable rates that cannot be matched. Every insulation material type comes with unique properties, making it the right type for your specific application. No Gap Insulation's expert team will help you choose the most affordable and best insulation type for your project. Also, all our Insulation Batts are 100% free from hazardous contaminants such as asbestos.

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