Whether it’s blow-in insulation, old/outdated batts, wet/damaged insulation or any other type of roof fill that has passed its use-by date, it is important to have it professionally removed before installing any sort of new insulation.

In older homes especially, insulation will more times than less lose its effectiveness or R-value after years of excessive use. Not only does this no longer provide the house with protection from harsh outside elements, but it can lead to health issues that can be detrimental to you and your family’s well-being. To combat this, No Gap Insulation has a team of highly-skilled professionals who will safely remove old cellulose dust caused from old insulation from your roof cavity, in turn making you ceiling space seem brand new again!

No Gap uses something what we call an ‘industrial vacuum cleaner’.  The machine itself works by sucking all dust particles, excess insulation and other debris resulting in a clear roof space for new, upgraded insulation to be installed.

An average 3-bedroom house would approximately cost $940 on average for professional removal of single layer old insulation and vacuuming of dust in entire roof cavity (habitable space).

Approximately 90% of the homes built ten years ago do not have sufficient insulation based on new building codes and energy rating requirements. If you are unsure whether this applies to you please give us a call today and one of our experts can tell you today.

The professional vacuuming can be completed in only a short few hours, no matter how big the job!

  • Dust extraction & removal
  • Removal of debris
  • Removal of old insulation
  • Supply and installation of sound and thermal insulation
  • Supply and installation of down light covers

The No Gap Cleaning Process

Step 1: Set Up
Step 2: Vacuum
Step 3: Clean Up