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R6.0 Knauf Earthwool 580mm Insulation Batts

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KNAUF Earthwool InsulationR6.0 580 Insulation Batts275mm x 580mm x 1160mm11 Batts per Pack7.4m2 Net Material per Pack8.40m2 Approx Coverage per Pack (as per industry Averages)Direct to publicCLEARANCE!!!Office 0499 114 030Showroom 45A Cooper Str..

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Earthwool insulation

Earthwool Insulation - Complete Insulation Solution For Your Property

Out of many insulation material options available in the market today, Earthwool Insulation deserves a special mention. No Gap Insulation, your reliable insulation material provider in Victoria; proudly presents this top-class Earthwool Insulation collection to you now. Go through our wide range of options!

Your home is your castle and making it a “Comfortable Home” is the intention of installing insulation. Harsh weather conditions such as extreme winter cold and boiling summer heat can make your home an uncomfortable place to live. Would you keep heaters or air conditioners on all day long to fight cold and heat? Heaters and air conditioners use energy in great amounts, making your energy bills skyrocket. And, that is why No Gap Insulation recommends insulating your home with Earthwool Insulation, which is the long-term fix to fight cold and heat.

Earthwool Insulation

Why No Gap Insulation?

As an Australian-operated and Australian-owned insulation solutions provider, we have managed to win the hearts of thousands of customers by giving them the best. We have joined hands with leading insulation manufacturers in Australia and we give our customers quality insulating materials that will last for decades. Our affordable prices and long service history make us the right insulation provider in Melbourne that you should hire.

Earthwool Insulation

This is a multi-purpose insulating material that comes with additional benefits when compared to traditional insulation materials. This insulation material comes with a good R-value for maximum thermal protection. R-value is the factor that determines the efficiency of insulation, and higher the R-value, more the thermal resistance. Made of recycled glass bottles and sand, hence environmentally friendly and safe. In summary, Earthwool Insulation provides all the qualities and properties that you will expect from a reliable and efficient insulation material.

The roof, walls, floor, and ceiling are the elements in your home that contribute to heat gain/loss. Up to 75% of heat in a home can leak through the ceiling, floor, and walls. So, covering these areas with an insulation material lets you stop unwanted heat gain/loss. Also, you can save thousands of dollars on energy bills in the long run.

Benefits of Earthwool Insulation

Well, many benefits are there to highlight here. Let's understand each in detail!

  • Thermal Performance: An R-value of 2.5 is ideal for walls, ceiling, and floor. So, you can install this versatile insulation material underfloor, within walls, and on the roof/ceiling. After installation, you will experience an immense improvement in comfortability. We know that it is your dream as a homeowner.

  • Reduced Energy Bills: Installing Earthwool Insulation can bring down energy bills by up to 30%. Fewer temperature fluctuations mean you can minimize using heaters and air conditioners during summer and winter. Heaters and air conditioners are known for high energy consumption.

  • Non-Combustible: Earthwool Insulation is a material that shows a high resistance to heat. So, in case of an attic fire; this insulation material will not worsen it. Homeowners in Australia fear attic fires; here's a solution for all of them.

  • Recycled Glass: Made with recycled materials mean no harm to the environment. So, if you are someone who loves the surrounding environment; don't worry! Earthwool Insulation won't harm it.

  • Soundproofing: What if an insulating material can provide thermal protection and soundproofing at the same time? Homes facing high-ways and industrial areas require an insulating material that cuts down sound entering in. Blocking outside sounds is necessary for living a peaceful life in your home, and Earthwool Insulation is your best answer here too.

  • Warranty: Since we sell products from the best manufacturers in Australia, the products you buy from us will serve you for decades. So, your time and money will be saved in the long run. We know that every homeowner in Australia prefers to cut down energy bills in the long run. Installing Earthwool insulation means you can enjoy it for many decades.

Our prices: We want to be affordable for every homeowner in Australia. So, we have priced our products from $40 to $100. The prices can vary depending on dimension and R-value. Not sure which product suits you the most? Contact us today! We are more than happy to guide you and show you the right path. Or, you can visit us in person at our office. We are hoping to see you so!

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