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Wall Wrap - Heavy Duty Breather

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Heavy Duty - breather1350mm x 30mTotal 40.5m2..

WALL WRAP - Light Duty - Breather

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Light Duty - breather1350mm x 30mTotal 40.5m2..

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No Gap Sisalation

No Gap Sisalation Products For Winter/Summer Heat Gains/Losses

This aluminum-foil reinforced insulation product is an alternative product to traditional insulation options such as batts and rolls. Easy-to-handle, light-weight, affordable price, high thermal efficiency, and resistance to water attacks are the top features of No Gap Sisalation. Ideal for commercial properties where you have to insulate a larger area. Schools, warehouses, hospitals, commercial & residential dwellings, and industrial properties will benefit from installing this versatile, new product as it offers high resistance to winter temperature losses and summer heat gains.

No Gap Sisalation

Top benefits of this new insulation product

* No fibers.

* Safe and easy-to-install.

* Minimize heat buildups.

* Maximum protection for your roof from heat penetration.

* Can install under vapor barriers and roof tiles.

* Non-toxic.

* Provides extra support for industrial insulation.

In summary, No Gap Sisalation is a reliable and affordable insulation option that can give an extra push to your existing insulation, or can do the purpose itself.