Whether it’s blow in insulation, old / outdated batts, wet / damaged insulation or any other type of fluffy roof fill that has passed its use-by date, it is important to have it professionally removed before the best insulation installer experts fit your ceiling / roof with the best updated earthwool, bradford or pink batts.

Call No Gap Insulation today to receive a free quote 03 8592 1900 – at the most affordable price in metro / regional Melbourne. You will get nothing but the best insulation installers and the cheapest possible commercial price. Getting old house blow in insulation vacuumed / removed will grant you with a discount on new insulation across all the market’s best leading brands such as earthwool, bradford and pink batts. Installing new R value batts insulation in your ceiling comes with a 50-year performance guarantee leaving you with the satisfaction of never having to worry about old insulation again!

In older homes especially, insulation will more times than less lose its effectiveness or R value after years of excessive use. Not only does this no longer provide the house with protection from harsh outside elements, but it can lead to health issues that can be detrimental to you and your family’s well-being. To combat this, the local Melbourne insulation business near by to you, No Gap Insulation has a team of highly-skilled team of professional installers who will safely remove old home cellulose dust caused from old insulation in your roof cavity, in turn making you ceiling / roof space seem brand new again!

Having old blow in house insulation removed too is essential as the old blow in insulation is found to be extremely flammable which is hazardous to your house and all family members living in it. Vacuuming / removing the old home insulation is the best way to clear space for new cheap / affordable earthwool, pink batts or bradford R value batts to be professionally installed by the best insulation installers in Melbourne. These new batts are made out of recycled glass, bound with non-flammable fibres protecting your house from an unwanted disaster.

No Gap Insulation uses something which we call an ‘industrial vacuum cleaner’.  The machine itself works by sucking / removing all old house blow in dust particles in your roof, any excess old home insulation and other unwanted debris resulting in a clear roof / ceiling space for the best new R value home insulation to be installed by local commercial expert installers.

Old Blow In House Insulation Being Professionally Vacuumed

How much does the professional vacuuming removal cost?

Your average 4-bedroom house can range from $1500 all the way to $3000 as obviously this is dependent on the size of your property. This expense is for professional removal of old home blow in insulation and vacuuming of old house dust / debris in the entire roof / ceiling cavity (habitable space). Our industrial cleaning / vacuum / removal team will also clean the roof cavity of any other wanted ‘good stuff’ (i.e dead possums, rats, excess materials etc.). This is essential to achieving optimal performance once your new insulation batts have been installed.

No Gap Insulation also offers a premium installer service where we provide our customers with the best insulation at the cheapest prices on the market. Our local Melbourne business near by to you has over 25+ years of experience when it comes to old house blow in insulation removal. The expert R value, earthwool, bradford and pink batts knowledge we provide is incomparable to anyone in the industry.

Does my home need the old house insulation removed / vacuumed?

Approximately 90% of the homes built ten years ago do not have sufficient insulation based on new building codes, government regulations and energy rating requirements. If you are unsure whether this applies to you please give us a call today and one of our experts can tell you today.

You wont find a better / cheaper price on old home blow in insulation removal anywhere in Melbourne, get a quote today and you’ll receive nothing but the most competitive price on sale batts insulation.  

How long does the vacuum / install process take?

Our best team of insulation installers will come to your home within 5 days of accepting your quote, wherever you are in local Melbourne. The team will first enter your ceiling space / roof cavity with our industry standard commercial vacuum cleaner to remove the old home insulation. This blow in removal process will only take a few short hours, once completed our best insulation installers will enter the clear ceiling / roof space and install the new earthwool, pink batts or bradford R value batts all in the same day. In conclusion the entire process from commercial vacuum blow in removal to new home insulation R value batts install will only take one day! In comparison to many other local Melbourne businesses, the experts at No Gap Insulation offer the cheapest quote / price for only the best, most quality batts install and insulation removal.

What other benefits does vacuuming provide?

Vacuuming your house ceiling space makes the roof cavity look brand new again. It protects your home from old dust from entering your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office space etc. Also, it clears space for new earthwool, pink batts or bradford R value batts to be installed by only the best insulation installers in Melbourne. These new types of R value insulation offered at sale prices provide an old house with the newest most efficient home insulation batts. This keeps your house warmer in winter and cooler / colder in summer. In the Melbourne climate of weather this is ideal as these earthwool, pink batts or bradford R value batts protect your home from the harsh outside climate.

What does No Gap package with old house insulation vacuuming?

  • Dust extraction and removal at sale prices
  • Removal of old home debris at sale prices
  • Removal / vacuum of old house blow in insulation
  • The best supply and installation of acoustic (sound proof) and thermal insulation
  • Cheap / affordable supply and installation of down light covers

The Best No Gap Insulation Vacuum Removal Process