Pink Batts vs Earthwool – Which is the better insulation?

Confused about Pink Batts and Earthwool?

Earthwool and Pinks Batts are both top quality insulation products. There are small variations in their range of products, value for money and other factors that we will let you know about in this article. Both brands are created from sand and recycled glass, meaning they are Glasswool insulation products. The different in colours of each product is notable. Pink Batts, given their name, are pink in colour and the material resembles fairy floss. Earthwool is a natural brown colour, which is due to the lack of chemicals within the product. The colour does not affect the efficiency of the products. Both products will effectively do the job of regulating the temperature of the home by protecting excess heat or cold, particularly in the challenging winters and summers Australia faces.

Insulation Batts

Pink Batts and Earthwool are insulation batts. Whilst these are fairly simple to install and can be done by the everyday individual, do your research before attempting to install. Protective equipment is required to be worn for installation, and ensure you are not leaving any spaces between batts and wall studs. No Gap Insulation specialises in installation of insulation if you have any queries or would like us to come and do the job for you.

Insulation Durability

When installed and maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations, Pink Batts and Earthwool products should serve you for the duration of your home. Earthwool have a 50 year guarantee on their products, whereas Pink Batts are backed by a consumer lifetime warranty. Both products can also handle water ingress, mould growth, and dust. If you ever consider a renovation or extension of your home, consider upgrading your insulation. This is the only time insulation can be installed other than during the building process.



You may already be all on top of R-value, but for those who aren’t let’s give a little rundown. R-values determine how efficient the insulation is. The higher the R-value, the more resistant to heat flow. Using R2.0 wall insulation batts as an example, both Pink Batts and Earthwool offer the same amount of thermal protection. Check your energy reports to see what R-value is required in your home, as this is dependant on climate and the area you live in.

Which is best?

It is all based on personal preference! Earthwool, whilst it may not be an Australian made product (much like Pink Batts), has gained popularity in the Australian market,  due to being a low-itch product. Insulation can give off an itch with prolonged exposure, however Earthwool has been manufactured with minimal harsh chemicals to minimise the itch, plus has no added formaldehyde. Earthwool is therefore the perfect product for those who may have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. Fletcher Pink Batts are made in Australia, with a life time warranty and have added dyes to obviously give it the ‘Pink’ tone, but as a whole, the two products do an exceptional job in terms of thermal and acoustic protection. Earthwool and Pink Batts are both the leading industry standard when it comes to the insulation game.

Pink Batts Vs Earthwool

So, essentially picking the right product for you is based on what you want. Both products will effectively insulate your home, reduce unwanted noise transfer and reduce the overall cost of your energy bills. If you ask your builder or any insulation company you’ll get different responses purely based on their experience working with those products. Looking for an Australian made product? Go for Pink Batts. Concerned about the environment, health and soft to handle product, then Earthwool may be the wiser choice. If you’re environmentally conscious, both brands are a sound choice as they are manufactured from recycled products.

What about the price? Click here to check out pricing for Earthwool products and here for Pink Batts.

Still unsure what to choose? That’s okay! Here at No Gap Insulation we would love to help you make a decision that will be the best for you and your property. Simply give us a call at (03) 8592 1900 and we will be able to help you out with everything from roof vacuuming to insulation installation.

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