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R1.5 Underfloor ROLLS 9m2 @ 450mm

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R1.5 Underfloor ROLLS 9m2 @ 450mmR1.5 450 X 10,000 / 75mm / 10.15m2 | 2 Batts per pack..

R2.0 Underfloor ROLLS 9m2 @ 450mm

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R2.0 Underfloor ROLLS 9m2 @ 450mmR2.0 450 X 10,000 / 90mm / 10.15m2 | 2 Batts per pack..

R2.5 Underfloor ROLLS 7.2m2 @ 450mm

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R2.5 Underfloor ROLLS 7.2m2 @ 450mm1R2.5 450 X 8,000 / 140mm / 8.12m2 | 2 Batts per pack..

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Polyester Solutions

Reliable And Durable Polyester Solutions For Thermal Protection

Polyester Solutions

Insulation manufacturers across the world always search for new alternatives to traditional batt insulation products as all insulation types come with advantages and disadvantages. Polyester Solutions are ideal for homeowners who worry about an asthma patient living in the home as particles from fiberglass batt insulation can make it worse. Polyester Insulation doesn't cause particle spreadings, also; it is exceptionally soft to handle. All these factors make it safe for even homeowners to handle it without worrying about exposure to particles. When compared to traditional batt insulation, Polyester Insulation batts are light-weight; hence you can save a lot of money on transport. All in all, Polyester Solutions come with added benefits such as easy-to-handle, durability, high R-values, resistance to pest infestations, low delivery costs, and many more. Call us for more information on this new insulation product! We can get this product delivered to your doorstep as well.