SCG Insulation

This is a multi-purpose insulating material that comes with additional benefits when compared to traditional materials. This insulation material comes with a good R-value for maximum thermal protection. R-value is the factor that determines the efficiency of insulation. The higher the R-value, the greater the thermal resistance.

Alike other insulation, installing SCG Insulation can bring down energy bills by up to 50%. A well-insulated home will be less reliant on heating and cooling systems as it will hold the ability to retain the heat in winter and keep out excess heat in summer.

SCG Insulation is unique in the insulation world as it is a material that shows a high resistance to heat. It is fire safe and non-combustible, so you can have peace of mind.

SCG Insulation provides thermal protection but also helps with soundproofing by absorbing sound, leaving your home quiet and peaceful.

Here at No Gap Insulation we want you to make an informed decision on your choice of insulation. As an Australian-operated and Australian-owned insulation solutions provider, we have cultivated a large community of loyal and satisfied customers.

We have joined hands with leading insulation manufacturers in Australia and we give our customers quality insulating materials that will last for decades. Our affordable prices and long service history make us the perfect insulation provider for your next project. We travel all over Melbourne and Victoria for your insulation and installation needs. Call us on 03 8592 1900 to organise your free quote today.

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