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Ametalin Building Wrap Silversark

$1.11 p/m2 inc. GST

The Ametalin Build Wrap SilverSark is a reflective insulation roof sarking and wall wrap with up to 97% reflectivity.

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This Ametalin Building Wrap Silversark reflective insulation is an extra heavy-duty reflective foil insulation and radiant barrier. It is a great all-round weather barrier for your home with low flammability, which is suitable to all bushfire attack levels in bushfire-prone areas. The SilverSark insulation also has an advanced resistant to heat. SilverSark is puncture resistant with its high strength and water barrier, a Class 2 Vapour Barrier. This product can be installed in metal roof sarking, tile roof sarking, or as a premium wall wrap.


Area per roll
Extra Heavy0.17 13503040.5
Extra Heavy0.1715003045
Extra Heavy0.1712006072
Extra Heavy0.1713506081
Extra Heavy0.1715006090

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