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Ametalin FireSark Breather Wrap

$4.88 p/m2 inc. GST

The Ametalin FireSark Non-Breather Wrap is extra heavy duty and can be used for both roof sarking and as a wall wrap.

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  • Extra heavy duty
  • For use under floors with a sealed air space
  • Made with rigid high-density XPE foam
  • Reduces condensation risk
  • Reduces draughts through strip flooring
  • Fibre-free and non-allergenic

This Ametalin FireSark Breather Wrap is a 97% reflective insulation that is extra heavy duty. It is an ember-proof reflective insulation used for non-combustible constructions in all BAL zones 12.5 to FZ. Due to this, it has a superior heat resistance, strength, and durability with tear resistance. The FireSark offers a Triple Crown of Safety and has long life components, as well as being classified as a Class 3 Vapour Permeable wall wrap. It is designed to reduce the risk of condensation while still offering superior fire performance. The Ametalin FireSark Breather Wrap can be installed in non-combustible constructions in multi-storey residential, commercial and office buildings, or as a premium wall wrap that is ideal for double brick and brick veneer systems.

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