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Ametalin Roof Sarking Silversark XR

$1.35 p/m2 inc. GST

Ametalin are a great choice for those who are conscious about their environmental impact. SilverSark xR reduces the need for additional wall insulation.

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  • Extra heavy duty
  • For use under floors with a sealed air space
  • Made with rigid high-density XPE foam
  • Reduces condensation risk
  • Reduces draughts through strip flooring
  • Fibre-free and non-allergenic

SilverSark xR is an extra R-value insulation, which increases the total R-value in walls up to R.05 compared to single-sided foil sarking. It is an extra heavy duty, double-sided reflective foil insulation and radiant barrier with a Class 2 Vapour Barrier. There is an anti-glare coating on one side of the insulation for easy installation and is puncture resistant. SilverSark xR is ideal for steel or timber framed, tile, and metal roofs in residential, commercial, and office buildings.



Area per roll
Extra Heavy0.17 150030 45
Extra Heavy0.1713506081

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