Bradford Enviroseal Proctor Commercial Wrap CW


The Bradford Enviroseal Proctor Commercial Wall (CW) is a lightweight vapour permeable product, with a triple layered spunbond polyolefin membrane designed for medium to high density construction where a tougher membrane is required during construction. It is suitable for use with brick, timber or steel.

50m x 1500mm


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Benefits once your building is complete

Reduces draughts: Wall Wrap reduces draughts through the wall frame and around wall insulation. Reducing air infiltration makes a building more comfortable and helps insulation work more efficiently.

Reduces moisture entry: Wall Wrap can reduce moisture entry through the wall helping prevent structural damage to the frame and allowing the wall insulation to perform at the specified R-Value rating.

Increases energy efficiency: Wall Wrap helps a building improve its energy efficiency by protecting the wall insulation from draughts and moisture entry.

Benefits before external wall is applied

Protects the building structure from the weather: Wall Wrap protects a frame and floor from water damage before brick walls or cladding is installed.

Improves on-site work flow efficiency: Wall Wrap can improve on-site work flow by allowing internal trades to commence work before the brick walls or cladding is installed.

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