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Your One-Stop Shop For Insulation.
We Supply and Install all over Melbourne!

Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Ceiling Batts R6.0

$10.90 p/m2 inc. GST

Bradford Gold Hi-Performance insulation ceiling batts are designed to provide optimal performance in your ceiling. Bradford Insulation is a CSR company and one of Australia’s leading suppliers of insulation, acoustic control and energy saving products for homes and commercial buildings.

Available sizes to select:

R6.0 430mm, R6.0 580mm

Actual Area (sq m)
Total Price


  • Lifetime cover on performance for insulation batts
  • Australian made
  • Save energy all year-round
  • Made from up to 80% recycled glass content
  • No ozone depletion substances
  • Safe to install
  • Use ‘bio-soluble fibres’

By opting for Bradford Gold Hi-Performance ceiling batts, you are choosing a product with a high R-value, therefore giving you and your home or project the best possible thermal protection available. This product is available in R-values from 5-7. Manufactured from glasswool, Bradford Gold Hi-Performance is made up of very thin glass fibres that are spun like fairy floss to create millions of air pockets. These air pockets are very poor conductors of heat and resist the flow of air or radiation through the insulation. This product is made from 80% recycled glass, therefore is a sustainable and smart solution for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

As Australia’s most trusted insulation company for 80+ years, you can be assured that you are making a sound choice when choosing Bradford insulation products. Gold Hi-Performance ceiling batts are an investment that will pay itself off in a few years. A well-insulated home will not need to rely on heavy usage of heating and cooling appliances, therefore saving you money on your bills and lessening your impact on the environment.



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