Knauf Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts

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Knauf Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts come in a selection of R-values to suit your custom needs. These insulation batts can be used in residential as well as commercial buildings. They are soft to handle making installation easy. What’s more, they come with a 50-year warranty, too!

Cool in summer and warmer in winter with Knauf Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts

Earthwool is used in durable, affordable, and convenient insulation solutions. It is an eco-friendly option for insulation walls and provides a range of thermal and acoustic insulation based on individual requirements.

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What are Knauf Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts?

Earthwool from Knauf Insulation comes in the form of batts and is very similar to glasswool insulation, but better. It is made from recycled glass and sand. Instead of using formaldehyde, phenol, or other chemicals, a sustainable binder substitute is used. Furthermore, no dyes are used in making earthwool.

Thus, Knauf Earthwool is an environmentally friendly as well as fire-resistant insulation solution. The insulation material is pressed together into batts to be used in walls. The batts come packaged poly bags that not only protect the batts during transit but also during storage.

Where to use Knauf Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts?

Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts are specifically designed for wall insulation. They can be used for new construction as well as in existing buildings. Similarly, they can be used in both residential and commercial construction.

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What are the benefits of using Knauf Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts?

Below are the key benefits of using Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts.

  1. Environment-friendly insulation
    Earthwool being made from recycled glass is an eco-friendly insulation material. The batts also use bio-based binders instead of chemical alternatives. For customers who prefer sustainable solutions, these are the ideal choice.
  2. Ease of installation
    The Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts are made using a bio-based binder and are quite soft and easy to handle. This makes installation quick and easy.
  3. Thermal insulation
    Limits heat loss in winter and keeps the heat out in summers giving you the optimum thermal insulation which works for you all year round.
  4. Fire resistance
    These insulation batts don’t use any chemical binders such as formaldehyde, phenol, or acrylics. This makes them non-combustible and resistant to fire.
  5. Acoustic insulation
    Earthwool provides a good level of acoustic insulation and limits unwanted sound levels creating a peaceful and calm environment indoors.
  6. Durability
    Earthwool Wall Insulation Batts are very durable and can last for years. They are corrosion resistant and inhibit microbial growth. They are also not infested by rodents and other vermin. They even come with a 50-year warranty.
  7. Reduced energy bills
    The insulation helps maintain comfortable indoor temperature, thus reducing the energy consumption in heating or cooling appliances. The result is you save up on the energy bills!
  8. High compression batts
    Earthwool Wall Insulation batts use advanced compression so that you get more insulation per square inch thus improving the insulation quality. On average, these batts have 55% more insulation per pack.

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