Foilboard 15mm Handy Panel


The Foilboard Handy Panel is a lightweight rigid panel made from EPS (polystyrene) with aluminium foil laminated to both sides.

Spefically designed for DIY, Foilboard Handy Panels are best fitted in walls, underfloor, catherdral ceilings, containers, garage doors, caravans and vans.

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What are Foilboard Panels?

Foilboard insulation is a lightweight rigid panel, made from EPS (polystyrene), with aluminium foil laminated to both sides. Foilboard rigid panels are specifically designed to achieve exceptionally high thermal values, making it the ideal product. Unlike traditional bulk insulation and blankets, Foilboard Green rigid panel will not shrink, sag, or droop, ensuring that the building performs to its optimal thermal value from day one, to year 25 and beyond.

Once installed, reflective foil insulation panels create a barrier between the inside of a property and the external environment. In the case of a hot day, foil insulation panels will reflect heat back out and away from a building, preventing it from getting too hot.

Foilboard Handy Panels promotes an early lockup for your property, caravan, or building, possessing acoustic properties to help reduce noise levels, reducing the impact of temperature swings, insulates a room or property from hot and cold conditions and reduces any energy bills.

Foilboard Handy Panel application

The Foilboard Handy Panel is specifically designed for the DIY customer. Designed to suit a range of applications, Foilboard’s Handy Panels are best fitted in walls, underfloor, cathedral ceilings, containers, garage doors, pet kennels and caravans. The product is also designed to be applied in retrofitting, which is the process of installing insulation in an existing home or building.

If you are building a new property and want to install Foilboard Handy Panels, the process is extremely smooth and simple for all users.

How to install Foilboard Handy Panels

For help with installation, simply visit the Foilboard website at for specific installation guides.

For more information on Foilboard Handy Panels or any other Foilboard products, check out our D.I.Y workshop, or call us at 03 8592 1900. Or alternatively, drop into our store in Epping to pick up your Handy Panels today.

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