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Your One-Stop Shop For Insulation.
We Supply and Install all over Melbourne!

40mm Foilboard Insulation Superior

$16.12 p/m2 inc. GST

Reflective foil insulation panels are designed to protect a space from getting too hot in summer and too cold in winter, helping to maintain balanced temperatures all year round.

Bulk trade orders include 12 Foilboard sheets per pack.

Superior 2400mm x 1200mm x 40mm, which covers 2.88m2.

Actual Area (sq m)
Total Price


This 40mm durable rigid panel is specifically designed to achieve exceptionally high thermal values, making it the ideal product. Unlike traditional bulk insulation and blankets, Foilboard Green rigid panel will not shrink, sag or droop, ensuring that the building performs to its optimal thermal value from day one, to year 25 and beyond. Foil Insulation works by using the basic laws of heat and cold to its advantage in order to insulate a building. Once installed, reflective foil insulation panels create a barrier between the inside of a property and the external environment. In the case of a hot day, foil insulation panels will reflect heat back out and away from a building, preventing it from getting too hot.


Sheets per pack
Standard 10 120024002.8825
Standard 10 120027003.2425
Super 15120024002.8830
Super 15120027003.2430
Ultra 20120024002.8825
Cathedral 25120024002.8820
Excel 30120024002.8815
Superior 40120024002.8812
Ultimate 50120024002.8810

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