Knauf Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation Batts

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Knauf Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation Batts is designed to reduce the transfer of noise between rooms and floors of a double storey home. Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation is one of the most popular products on the Australian market due to their high quality and low itch factor.

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Knauf Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation Batts

  • R2.0 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts – 75 mm thick
  • R2.5 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts – 90 mm thick
  • R2.7 SHD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts – 90 mm thick
  • R4.0 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts – 140 mm thick

Choosing Acoustic Wall and Sound Insulation

Whether you’re building an acoustic wall within an existing home, extending or renovating, then acoustic or sound insulation should be high on your list of priorities to consider. Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation batts are available in a variety of thicknesses and densities to fit most wall cavities and acoustic purposes. Check out our other Earthwool products here, and for information on all the acoustic insulation brands we sell you can visit this page.

Reduce Noise with Sound Insulation

To help decide whether or not you need acoustic wall insulation it can help to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which internal rooms would you prioritise first? Typically walls between adjoining bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries are given priority.
  • How thick are the wall studs? This will determine the maximum R-value (and also the maximum sound insulation benefit which you can achieve.
  • How much will noise transfer really matter? If you live in a home with children, then upgrading to acoustic insulation may be a good idea.
  • What about outside noise? Barking dogs, lawn-mowers and even traffic noise – these factors can make a case for installing Earthwool acoustic wall insulation in the outside walls.

The maximum R-Value and kg density you can achieve with a single layer of insulation, installed in a standard 90mm stud is an R2.7. These come in both 430mm and 580mm widths, to fit standard vertical stud spacing (450mm and 600mm respectively.) Acoustic insulation performance is classified in kilograms per cubic m. At a solid 27kg p/m3 rating, Earthwool Super HD provides an exceptional level of both thermal and acoustic performance, and for this reason is also commonly used around TV rooms and home studios.

Earthwool HD kg/m3 Ratings from 14kg through to 27kg/m3

No Gap Insulation sells the following acoustic wall batts in 430mm and 580mm widths at discounted prices:

  • 14kg/m³ 50mm Acoustic Wall Insulation Batts
  • 14kg/m³ 75mm Acoustic Wall Insulation Batts
  • R2.0 HD High Density Acoustic 18kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts
  • R2.5 HD High Density Acoustic 20kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts
  • R2.7 SHD Super High Density Acoustic 27kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts
  • R4.0 HD High Density Acoustic 21kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts

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