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Your One-Stop Shop For Insulation.
We Supply and Install all over Melbourne!

R2.0 Knauf Earthwool Wall Batts

From: $3.00 p/m2 inc. GST

R2.0 Knauf Earthwool insulation wall batts are a step-up from the R1.5 and is a more economical choice with slightly better acoustic properties.

Available sizes to select:

R2.0 430mm, R2.0 580mm

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R2.0 Knauf Earthwool wall insulation is a thermal insulation suited to most projects as it is good at absorbing sound and is safe to install as it contains no added formaldehyde, meaning that it won’t be itchy like other brands. Insulation batts are the traditional insulation product for external walls and can also be used to reduce sound transmission between rooms. With a wide range of R-values, you’ll also be able to find a product suited to your climate and needs. The higher the R-value, the more heat resistant the product will be. The R2.0 is a great option for your project as it is suited to most of Melbourne’s weather. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information on which R-value you should choose for your build.


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