MetecnoTherm R2.55 PIR Insulation Board


MetecnoTherm Insulation Boards offer superior thermal efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. These durable, moisture-resistant, and fire-safe boards are easy to install and perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Dimensions: 60 x 1200 x 2400mm

Actual Area (sq m) 2.88
Total Price $113.26


MetecnoTherm Insulation Boards: Superior Thermal Efficiency

MetecnoTherm Insulation Panels offer unmatched thermal efficiency, ensuring your spaces remain warm in winter and cool in summer. These boards help significantly reduce energy costs while enhancing overall comfort.

Durability and Safety with MetecnoTherm PIR Boards

Designed from high-quality materials, MetecnoTherm Insulation Panels are built to last. Their exceptional durability, moisture resistance, and fire safety make them a reliable choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Easy Installation and Eco-Friendly Benefits

MetecnoTherm PIR Boards are user-friendly and straightforward to install, saving time and labor costs. These boards also contribute to energy savings by improving thermal efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, and promoting a sustainable future.

The Smart Choice for All Your Insulation Needs

Investing in MetecnoTherm PIR Boards means choosing superior performance and long-term reliability. Their comprehensive benefits make them the ultimate solution for any insulation project, ensuring comfort, safety, and sustainability.

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