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R1.0 20mm PIRmax HR Panel

$17.94 p/m2 inc. GST

HR Panel is a Pirmax product, which is Australian made and owned. It is a rigid thermal panel that can be used in many different spaces within a building, including ceiling systems, roofs and wall systems. Bulk trade orders include 15 Pirmax boards per pack.

Measurement per board is 2400mm x 1200mm x 20mm, which covers 2.88m2.

Actual Area (sq m)
Total Price


HR Panels have one of the highest thermal values of all rigid board insulation products, giving all kinds of buildings continued thermal efficiency throughout their lifespan. A building with suitable thermal insulation will ensure maximum energy efficiency for its occupants. HR Panel is designed to achieve excellent thermal value where minimal wall cavity is available. You are able to choose between black, white and silver facing for the front of the product.

Typical applications for HR Panels include soffit (carpark applications), wall systems, raised underfloor, ground floor slabs, ceiling systems, roofs and domestic and commercial ducting.


Area m2 per packSheets per pack
PIR HR 201.0201200240043.215
PIR HR 251.25251200240034.5612
PIR HR 301.5301200240028.810
PIR HR 402.0401200240020.167
PIR HR 502.5501200240017.286
PIR HR 603.0601200240014.45
PIR HR 703.5701200240011.524
PIR HR 753.8751200240011.524
PIR HR 804.080120024008.643
PIR HR 904.590120024008.643
PIR HR 1005.0100120024008.643

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