PIRmax ISO2 Panel

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ISO2 is a Pirmax product, which is Australian made and owned. It is a rigid thermal panel that can be used in many different spaces within a building, including ceiling systems, roofs and wall systems.

Bulk packs available:
PIRmax ISO2 25mm R1.05 x 12 sheets p/pack, PIRmax ISO2 30mm R1.30 x 10 sheets p/pack

PIRmax ISO2 40mm R1.90 x 7 sheets p/pack, PIRmax ISO2 50mm R2.35 x 6 sheets p/pack, PIRmax ISO2 60mm R2.85 x 5 sheets p/pack

PIRmax ISO2 70mm R3.30 x 4 sheets p/pack, PIRmax ISO2 75mm R3.55 x 4 sheets p/pack, PIRmax ISO2 80mm R4.00 x 3 sheets p/pack

PIRmax ISO2 90mm R4.50 x 3 sheets p/pack, PIRmax ISO2 100mm R5.00 x 3 sheets p/pack

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The PIRMAX ISO2 Panel is an Australian made, modified Polysocyanurate Rigid thermal panel that can be used for a variety of applications, including the following:

  • Soffits (carpark application)
  • Wall systems
  • Raised underfloor
  • Ground floor slabs
  • Roofs

As a next generation product with high performance for commercial and residential developments, the PIRMAX ISO2 Panels are designed to achieve excellent thermal value where there is minimum cavity space available. Another benefit of the ISO2 panels is its durability as it will not melt or drip away like other insulation types.

With a lightweight closed cell foam core panel, the PIRMAX ISO2 Panel is easy to handle and install.

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