Stonewall Platinum Fireseal Partywall Sealer


Stonewall Platinum Fireseal Party Wall Sealer, 50mm x 300mm x  4000mm, 2 pieces per pack.



Stonewall Platinum Fireseal Partywall Sealers are made from non-combustible Rockwool, which is specifically designed to meet the fire protection requirements for inter-tenancy walls in multi residential applications.

Party walls are designed to reduce fire hazards by separating one residence from another. This provides the the residents of the building with the maximum amount time to safely escape. There are principally 3 key areas for reducing fire hazards:

  • Controlling fire within a compartment
  • Controlling the spread of fire between compartments through openings in external walls
  • Providing early warning to building occupants

This is done by maintaining sufficient structural adequacy, integrity and insulation. This passive fire protection system can also compliment an active fire prevention plan and equipment, such as sprinklers and fire alarms. Rockwool insulation has thermal properties alike standard insulation, therefore keeping your home at comfortable temperatures plus the added benefit of fire protection.

Typical party wall and common wall applications


Insulation products

Party Wall insulation products need to have remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions. One of the most common materials for party wall insulation is Rockwool, such as Stonewall Platinum’s Fireseal Party Wall insulation products, which are made from non-combustible Rockwool.

This product is specifically designed to meet the BCA fire requirements for multi residential properties. If this product is not right for your project, find our wide range of insulation and wraps to improve the thermal qualities to your property here.

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