Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Insulation Firm

It never hurts to be prepared when it comes to major decisions in a home owner’s life. Asking the right questions will ensure that a thorough job on your home is completed as efficiently as possible and with minimal issues. Here is a general guide as to what you should be asking your prospective insulation company before committing to their services.


  1. Is the company insured, licensed and experienced?

Ensuring that the insulation firm is properly insured can safeguard your home against any potential property damage or worker injuries that may arise during the installation process. This insurance can protect you both legally and financially in case of any incidents. Licensing will also ensure that the company will adhere to the best and safest work practices while benchmarking against industry standards. Finally, while quantity does not necessarily equal quality, you still want to go with a company that has a couple years in the business as it demonstrates that they are capable enough to continue on as a company.

  1. What kind of insulation do you recommend?

There are various types, sizes and brands of insulation for different areas of your home; many factors will go into the determination of which will best for your home. A good insulation firm will understand the distinctions between each type and know which will suit your home best.


  1. What is R-Value and which would I need?

R-Value is a measure of insulation resistance to heat flow. The greater the R-Value, the higher the heat resistance which means a higher effectiveness of thermal insulation for your home. Your insulation company will be able to advise you on which R-Value best suits you as different R-Values have varying effectiveness in different environments. For example, ceiling versus underfloor insulation or new home versus existing home insulation will all be drastically different.

  1. Where would my house need this insulation?

Houses have many areas where insulation is required and that will need to meet building codes and regulations required by councils and local governments. Your insulation provider will be able to analyse your home specifications and clarify these areas to establish a safe and warm home for you.


  1. How long would the installation process take?

Productive and competent companies will be able to fulfil their contractual duties within a given day (if other factors like weather and unexpected interruptions do not occur). The company should be in and out within a day’s work, this remains true for both new and existing homes. This also includes whether the insulation is going in fresh for a new build or if old insulation needs to be taken out and replaced with new batts. If a company is telling you otherwise, you may want to reevaluate your decision to proceed with that company.


After asking these questions, you can decide whether the company is the one to resolve any insulation problems for you and your family. Contact No Gap Insulation on (03) 8592 1900 for any further enquiries regarding home insulation in Victoria, our team of dedicated professionals are always available and happy to help.

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