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75 mm styroboard extruded polystyrene sheets

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Special ORDER! No returns allowed.Styroboard Extruded Polystyrene Sheets (350kpa)R-Value - 2.68Length - 2400Width - 600Thickness - 75Boards per Pack - 6m2 per Pack - 8.64Delivery $100 + GST Melbourne METRO..

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Under Slab Insulation

Under Slab Insulation For Increased Thermal Protection And Money Save 

Under Slab Insulation combined with Styroboard extruded polystyrene sheets offer maximum thermal protection and moisture resistance. These products are carefully crafted for insulating foundation walls, concrete, and slabs. Modern constructors never ignore Under Slab Insulation as severe structural damages can occur due to moisture and water collection. Also, a property that lacks in these barriers can face up to 25% of a structure’s total heat loss. As you know, structural heat losses create an uncomfortable environment, also; waste so much money on energy bills in the long run. Why would you waste Australia's electricity and your money when the best and long-term solution available?

Under Slab Insulation Price

No Gap Insulation is known for providing clients the best at affordable rates, hence no difference to SlabMate Insulation and polystyrene sheets. You can request us the number of boards you need, or choose your preferred bulk/set from our pre-set ones. For example, you can buy 50mm SLABMATE - 10 Boards per PACK for $430.08, which is a package that saves you a lot of money. Also, we supply Styroboard extruded polystyrene sheets at pretty affordable rates that our competitors can't match. 

Why Styroboard XPS (polystyrene sheets?):

When compared to traditional options, Styroboard XPS comes with additional features such as superior thermal protection, impervious to water, high-density cell structure, and extra durability. Also, its unique structure makes it suitable for withstanding extreme weather conditions such as freezing winters. All these top features make it ideal for all modern construction projects. 

As an all-in-one insulation supplier in the Melbourne region, we supply all these top-class products at affordable rates including advice and installation. Contact us for more information today! Our flexible packages and industry-leading products will satisfy you 100%, and we are 100% confident about that.