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Foilboard - Revolutionary Rigid Insulation Panel For Thermal Protection

Foil Board Insulation - Foilboard Insulation

Finally, a rigid insulation panel is in the market now. Foilboard, as the name suggests; is an insulation board, which you can easily install yourself for maximum protection from heat and cold. At No Gap Insulation, we happily distribute this unique product across Melbourne and Australia-wide. 

The insulation world has changed a lot since its beginning. More and more efficient and safe insulation material options are being introduced every year. Foilboard is a revolutionary rigid insulation panel that comes with all the qualities and properties of traditional batt insulation. Anyway, since Foil board is a rigid panel; you can install it yourself on your property and achieve maximum comfort levels and reduced energy bills. So, if you are a homeowner who doesn't prefer installing traditional insulation materials on your property; No Gap Insulation presents you this option.

Manufactured in Australia by a renowned manufacturer, this versatile piece of material is gaining popularity in the market rapidly now. Dual laminated aluminum surfaces on the board reflect heat rays. So, this versatile piece of material acts as reflective insulation and batt insulation at the same time. Which means you can save time and money in the long run by choosing this new invention, and be happy about the right decision you made. No Gap Insulation is known for distributing top-class insulation products across Australia. We trust Foilboard, and that is why we proudly introduce it to you here. 

Foil board Insulation Applications

This piece of material is known for versatility. Versatility makes is suitable for various applications including:

What do you think now? Foilboard is a smarter way to insulate your home and industrial property. You can install this board in conjunction with bulk insulation for enhanced thermal-resistance and acoustic properties. 

Foil board Mechanism

Aluminum surfaces on either side of the board reflect cold/hear sources. Which means you can maintain optimal temperature levels in your home, no matter the season; summer or winter. The two aluminum surfaces work combined to reflect off outside heat from your home and keep cold energy in your home by reflecting it back. The opposite process takes place during cold winter months. So, you can minimize using heaters and air conditioners all year long and cut down energy bills and save thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Since Foil board is a rigid panel; pests, wildlife, mold, and moisture can't damage it. Hence, you don't need to worry about water ingress and water damage. Have wildlife and pest infestation ruined your previous batt insulation? If your answer is a “Yes;” installing traditional batt insulation can stress you out about the same incident. Don't worry! Installing Foil board would give you peace of mind about it thanks to its rigidity. No pest/wildlife can damage it. 

Installing Foilboard

The rigid panel comes in standard sizes, and you can simply cut the rigid panel with a sharp knife or a snap blade. Also, you can fix the rigid panel horizontally or vertically to fulfill all your insulation requirements. 

Contact us today for more information on this latest and versatile new insulation invention. We can deliver the product right to your doorstep for a minimum charge. Charges are per panel. We can also help you calculate how much would you need to cover your property completely.

Foilboard - CATHEDRAL 25mm @ 2.44m
Cathedral 251.2m X 2.44m / 25mm / 2.93m2..
$32.67 Ex Tax: $29.70
Foilboard - EXCEL 30mm @ 2.44m
EXCEL 30 1.2m X 2.44m / 30mm / 2.93m2..
$34.85 Ex Tax: $31.68
Foilboard - STANDARD 10mm @ 2.44m
Standard 10 Length 2.44m 1.2m X 2.44m / 10mm / 2.93m2..
$20.47 Ex Tax: $18.61
Foilboard - STANDARD 10mm @ 2.7m
STANDARD 101.2m X 2.70m / 10mm / 3.24m2..
$22.65 Ex Tax: $20.59
Foilboard - SUPER 15mm @ 2.44m
Super 15 Length 2.44m 1.2m X 2.44m / 15mm / 2.93m2..
$24.50 Ex Tax: $22.28
Foilboard - SUPER 15mm @ 2.7m
SUPER 15 1.2m X 2.70m / 15mm / 2.93m2..
$27.12 Ex Tax: $24.65
Foilboard - SUPERIOR 40mm @ 2.44m
SUPERIOR 40 1.2m X 2.44m / 40mm / 2.93m2..
$46.83 Ex Tax: $42.57
Foilboard - ULTIMATE 50mm @ 2.44m
ULTIMATE 50 1.2m X 2.44m / 50mm / 2.93m2..
$52.27 Ex Tax: $47.52
Foilboard - ULTRA 20mm @ 2.44m
Ultra 20 1.2m X 2.44m / 20mm / 2.93m2..
$29.51 Ex Tax: $26.83
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