The benefits of using Knauf Earthwool

Knauf Earthwool are one of the leading brands in the insulation industry. They have a range of products suited to many different application needs. Here are the benefits of using Knauf Earthwool:


One of the main benefits of using Earthwool products for your next project is that they are environmentally friendly, made using up to 80% recycled materials and a bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde. As a result of this, they are safer to handle and won’t cause any irritations to the skin.


Wall Insulation

The Knauf Earthwool wall range is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation for your home. They come in compression packaged bags which reduces storage space requirements and handling time. Insulation batts are the traditional insulation product for external walls and can also be used to reduce sound transmission between rooms. The Earthwool Wall Batts are designed to help reduce heat loss from the building, meaning that your home will stay warmer for longer during winter. This range comes in multiple R-values and thicknesses, perfect for a wide variety of homes.


Ceiling Insulation

With a wide range of R-values to choose from, the ceiling batts are great for multipurpose use, thus making the Knauf Earthwool ceiling range very versatile. The R-values range from R2.5 to R6.0, allowing you to achieve a high thermal performance and protection. Similar to the wall batts, the ceiling range is made from recycled materials and is formaldehyde free, meaning it is super soft and easy to install. The ceiling batts also offer acoustic properties and helps stop the transmission of unwanted noise. As mentioned above, these insulation batts are versatile, and can not only be installed in the ceiling, but also in the walls for a higher R-value rating. This product is best suited for a range of customers, from builders and developers, to DIY fans and contractors.


Acoustic Insulation

Designed to limit the transmission of outside noise into the home and between rooms, the acoustic batts from Knauf Earthwool offer supreme acoustic and thermal properties. Known as Earthwool Sound Shield, this range is often installed in external walls but are also very effective in reducing sound transmission between rooms and offices. An R-Value of 2.7 is commonly known as ‘super hi-density’ and is popularly installed in internal walls around home theatre rooms and family rooms. It fits snugly in a standard 90mm wall cavity and can also be installed in ceilings where the building is located beneath a flight path. In such cases it can be installed alone or if a higher r-rating is required, in combination with an additional layer of thermal insulation.


With the benefits mentioned above, it is important to note that all Earthwool products are also fire-safe and non-combustible. This added benefit is important in ensuring the safety of your family and your home. The benefits of using Knauf Earthwool make it hard not to choose Earthwool for your next project. If you would like Earthwool installed in your home, you can shop the products or get a quote online.

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