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R2.0 x 580mm Pink Batts® Thermal Glasswoool Wall Insulation

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R2.0 x 580mm Pink Batts 24 batts per pack1160mm x 580mm x 90mm18.3m2 Coverage16.15m2 NetPLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU PURCHASE TO ENSURE SUFFICIENT STOCK IS AVAILABLE !!!Delivery Melbourne Metro $88 (May Vary)Delivery & Pick up Australia ..

R2.5 Knauf Earthwool 430mm Insulation Batts

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KNAUF Earthwool InsulationR2.5 430 Insulation Batts125mm x 430mm x 1160mm30 Batts per Pack14.96m2 Net Material per Pack16.98m2 Approx Coverage per Pack (as per industry Averages)Direct to publicCLEARANCE!!!Office 0499 114 030Showroom 45A Cooper Stree..

R2.5 Knauf Earthwool 580mm Insulation Batts

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KNAUF Earthwool InsulationR2.5 580 Insulation Batts125mm x 580mm x 1160mm30 Batts per Pack20.18m2 Net Material per Pack22.91m2 Approx Coverage per Pack (as per industry Averages)Direct to publicCLEARANCE!!!Office 0499 114 030Showroom 45A Cooper Stree..

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Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation

Experts in the insulation industry have identified several areas and elements in a home/building that contribute to heat loss/gain, and walls are one of the elements. People often ask us, “where am I losing heat in my home?” Did you know that up to 35% of heat loss takes place through uninsulated walls? If you keep that 35% of heat trapped inside your home; you can save a lot on electricity bills. So, installing Wall Insulation is a must-do today. Solid walls and cavity walls are the two wall types we see in today's world. Homes and building from the 20s, 30s, and 40s have solid walls (as a rule of thumb,) and anything built after; cavity walls.

What should you do then? Well, insulating the external walls of your property lets you save up to 35% heat loss via conduction. Reducing or slowing down heat flow through walls is the purpose of Wall Insulation. You got two insulation options to consider here (Insulation Batts and injecting materials.)

Advantages of Wall Insulation

  1. Saving money on heating and cooling: As mentioned, up to 35% of heat can lose through external walls. So, if your property's walls are not insulated; you will come across frequent temperature fluctuations. We, humans; prefer to live a comfortable life in our homes. Which means to compensate frequent temperature fluctuations, you will keep heaters or air conditioners running all day. Well, heaters and air conditioners are known for high electricity consumption. Installing Wall Insulation means you are saving up to 15%-20% on energy bills (for heating and cooling.) Saving money is a dream of every homeowner in Melbourne, and Wall Insulation Melbourne can make that dream come true.

  2. A comfortable environment for your family: A man's home is his castle, and he does everything for his family. Can your kids and pets live happily when your home's temperature drops or rise beyond comfortable levels? Wall Insulation Melbourne gives your family the comfortable life they deserve.

  3. Soundproofing: Sound can easily travel through cavity walls. So, if your home is in an industrial area or close to a highway; living a peaceful life in there is almost impossible. Cavity wall insulation and solid wall insulation provide a soundproofing effect. Also, you can minimize sound travel between rooms. If you have a studio-room in your home; installing Wall Insulation is highly advisable.

  4. Contribute to saving energy: In a world where people fear a future energy crisis, contributing to saving energy is our responsibility. We can do it as one nation by lowering heaters and air conditioner usage. Also, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Talk to us today and find out which Wall Insulation Melbourne type suits your home the most. Our full-range of insulating materials will save your time and money in the long run. Pink Batt, Earthwool Insulation, and Polyester Wall Insulation in different sizes and grades at affordable rates than other competitors in Melbourne. You can rely on our 100% product quality.