What You Need To Know When Buying Insulation

If you’re about to renovate or build a home, you should think about what insulation you’ll need for your building. Buying insulation isn’t that simple. Here are some pointers to help you during this process.

Insulation is measured in R values

R-values measure the heat resistance of insulation materials. The higher the R-value, the harder it is for heat to enter a room. Depending on what area of the house is being insulated, you will need different R-values for different sections. For example, ceiling insulation requires a higher R-value as opposed to walls and floors. This is due to heat rising and trying to escape through the ceiling.

Insulation will save you money in the long run.

Buying insulation will save me money? How? Well insulation is an investment into your home. Installing insulation that meets the energy requirements will mean your home is every efficient and you won’t be wasting money on high energy bills. The money you pay for insulation will pay itself back in a few years based off the savings you will have made on your bills!

Insulation comes in different varieties and materials

There are a number of materials you can use to insulate your house.

  • Batts and blankets are generally the most user-friendly option for installing insulation. Materials include polyester, natural wool, glasswool and rockwool.
  • Board insulation is also quite popular and is made from polystyrene or rigid foam panels.

You can DIY insulation

You don’t need any qualification to install insulation, and it completely possible to install on your own project. Insulation batts are the easiest option, as they are already cut and ready to slot in place. Keep in mind you may have to cut off sections to fit into a space. When fitting your house with insulation, the aim is to pack the material as tightly as possible within frames and around vents, ducts, pipes and wires, making sure no gaps or spaces are left.

If you have your heart set on installing, it may be worthwhile to chat to an insulation expert. No Gap Insulation can help you choose the best products for you and your home, and give tips and tricks for installing insulation. We also have a team of installers that can install for you if you’re not up for the job. Installing insulation can sometimes be a little dangerous, especially up in the ceiling, so take precautions no matter what you decide.

Call No Gap Insulation today at (03) 8592 1900 and we’ll be able to give you a hand for whatever you need.

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