Often when it comes to heating and cooling our homes we usually think of roofs, walls and floors as the main culprits causing our energy saving woes, however… Did you know that insulating your garage door can reduce the temperature in your garage by as much as 64%?… and reduce your heating and cooling costs by 25%??… and let’s not forget minimise outside noise???…probably not.

A little-known secret is that uninsulated Garage doors can greatly affect your power bills with high energy wastage on heating and cooling. It’s not something that we usually think about when deciding to insulate our homes although learning the benefits of garage door insulation will highlight just how underestimated this part of the household is.


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Insulating your garage door will prevent heat loss during cold winters and ensure the heat stays out during those hot summers. As well as heat breach and loss, a moderate temperature will be easy to maintain with a reduction in the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home. In cases where your home has a garage attached to the main building, garage door insulation will also help with reducing hot and cold air from infiltrating hallways, rooms above the garage and large communal areas leaving you with a perfect moderate temperature.



One of the most common complaints of standard non-insulated garage doors is noise… Operational noise to be specific. With so much noise being created by motors, chains, springs and gears it’s easy to understand how all that commotion can be quite undesirable especially in the middle of the night. By insulating the garage door, operational noise as well as street noise will greatly be reduced allowing other rooms below and above to have some peace and quiet.



One of the greatest benefits which insulated garage doors provide is ensuring that your home temperature is not impacted by your garage’s temperature. This is crucial when keeping the home environment comfortable and cozy no matter what season and how harsh the elements. This is all possible due to the efficiency of insulated garage doors on what is called the ‘Thermal Boundary’. This refers to the barrier between unconditioned and conditioned air. Insulation will help with less dispersal of different temperatures across rooms in the home and ensure that environments’ temperatures don’t interfere with each other.


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Conveniently enough, garage door insulation is one of the fastest and easiest solutions to dramatically change your home’s climate, environment and energy bills.

Using specific foil-faced polystyrene rigid-board panels, insulating your garage door removes the need for traditional bulk insulation and ensures it is well equipped to deal with high thermal temperature and harsh lows.

For more information on installation and to see if your garage door is suitable for insulation click here.


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