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We are No Gap Insulation, Melbourne’s largest insulation and thermal solution suppliers. We ensure our customers are getting the best value for their money, with high quality products and services at affordable prices. We sell and install insulation for builders, developers and homeowners all over Melbourne and Victoria. No project is too big, small, or far for us!

No Gap Insulation came to life when two highly experienced insulation and installation specialists saw a gap in the market for affordable insulation. With over 20 years of combined experience under their belt they built No Gap Insulation from the ground up, and we are now one of the leading insulation suppliers and installers all across Melbourne and Victoria. Our company has had exponential growth and success over the years, and have relocated on multiple occasions to larger warehouses to keep up with demand. Our warehouse and office are now situated in Yale Drive, Epping, but we travel all over Melbourne for our customers’ needs. Our professional insulation services cover both home and commercial projects. We specialise in wall, ceiling, underfloor and acoustic insulation, as well as wall wrapping, which adorns our No Gap logo.

No Gap Insulation are committed to Victorian homeowners and builders, and this is reflected in the recognition and loyalty that we have received from our many customers over the years. Our close affiliation with some of the leading manufacturers and vast knowledge in this field has put us in an ideal position to provide the insulation removal and installation service to our customers. We are with you for every step of the process and are available to help with all your queries and concerns. If you’ve ever received our top quality No Gap service, then be sure to leave us a Google review as it helps support us as a business.

Why insulate your home/building?

Insulation is a requirement in all new residential buildings, so other than that it also is vital to help you feel comfortable in your new home. Insulation acts as a barrier that is resistant to cold and heat, therefore trapping the heat in your home in winter and keeping it out in summer. Insulation will also save you money down the track by significantly reducing your energy bills, as you will rely less on your heating and cooling systems.
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How does insulation work?​

Insulation works by slowing the movement of heat from a hot space to a cooler space. This increases the energy efficiency of your home by reducing the amount of heat that escapes from it in the winter (containing the heat and keeping the house warm). It also keeps it from getting too warm in the summer months (retaining the cold air and keeping inside comfortable).

To understand how insulation works, it helps to be familiar with heat flow and its three basic mechanisms – conduction, convection, and radiation. According to Knauf Insulation, one of the leading companies that provide quality insulation, conduction is the ‘transmission of heat through a material, or from one material to another, through direct contact.’ An example of this is when a spoon is placed in a hot cup of tea and conducts heat through its handle to your hand. Convention, on the other hand, occurs in gases and liquids. The heat becomes warmer and less dense, gradually rising. This is why heat rises in your home and the cooler air sinks towards the floor. Radiation is the transmission of infra-red radiant energy from a ‘hot’ surface to a ‘cold’ surface through air. Radiant heat travels in a straight line, which is why the sun’s heat waves travel through space until it hits an object and only then is there any effect.

Insulation materials are important for energy conservation because they resist heat flow. There are two insulation types in terms of materials: radiant barriers and reflective insulation systems. Bulk insulation works by trapping pockets of still air within its structure. This air provides a barrier or resistance to heat flow. Reflective insulation works by reflecting large amounts of heat away from its polished metallic surface and by reducing the radiant heat being emitted from the surface. There are some insulation products that combine bulk and reflective materials and their properties.


The efficiency of thermal insulation is measured by the R-value or R-rating (resistance to heat flow through the material.) The higher the R-value, the more the thermal resistance. A relationship exists between insulation thickness and R-value. There are minimum requirements for R-values depending on the area you live in so make sure you’re choosing the right insulation for your climate. Having the correct R-value of insulation installed will ensure you get the best protection from the weather. At No Gap Insulation, we sell products of several leading brands in Australia with a wide range of thermal resistance. Want to learn more about R-value? We wrote a blog about it! Click here to find out more. 

Our product range

At No Gap Insulation we stock all the high quality insulation brands, and can source anything in if required. Such brands include Knauf Insulation Earthwool, Fletcher Insulation Pink Batts, Foilboard Insulation, Bradford Insulation and Polyester Solutions. No Gap Insulation’s expert team will help you choose the correct and most affordable insulation type for your project.

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