Acoustic Insulation

The R-value is the factor that determines the efficiency of thermal insulation, however it is less important for acoustic insulation batts. The density of the insulation is the factor that determines the efficiency of acoustic batts. Something you may not know about insulation is that the material thickness doesn’t necessarily mean an increase or decrease in the density. So, a thin acoustic batt may have a higher density than a thick one.

Sound insulation is useful for homes in loud areas such as near highways and in industrial areas. Outside noise can often be quite disruptive and disturbing, therefore installing sound insulation will keep your home quiet and peaceful and creating a comfortable environment.

  • Between the floors: Homes in Australia don’t comprise of concrete slabs and floors, so sound can travel from floor to floor. Office and commercial building managers should consider this factor for creating a peaceful working environment for employees. Installing acoustic insulation ensures soundproofing and some thermal resistance.
  • Internal walls: Is your bedroom just next to the living area? Installing this special insulation type within the internal walls of studios, bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundries will help create a quieter home for each individual room.
  • External walls: Long-term exposure to outside noises can be rather stressful. As mentioned, if your house is next to a highway, train line or in an industrial area, installing acoustic insulation batts within external walls will minimise the outside noises. You’ll be able to sleep peacefully no matter what is happening outside.

If you’re interested in learning more about acoustic insulation, check out our blog on soundproofing your home.

Here at No Gap Insulation we stock Earthwool insulation, Pink Batts and Bradford Insulation for all your acoustic insulation needs. We have the most competitive and affordable prices all over Melbourne, so contact us today!

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