FoilBoard Insulation

Foilboard Insulation differs from traditional insulation material. This product was created to be a sustainable alternative to bulk insulation. Combining reflective insulation and a polystyrene core, Foilboard is able to achieve high thermal resistance. This removes the need for traditional bulk insulation as well as reducing airflow from the conditioned space and increasing energy savings.

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This durable rigid panel is specifically designed to achieve exceptionally high thermal values, making it the ideal product. Unlike traditional bulk insulation and blankets, Foilboard rigid panels will not shrink, sag or droop, ensuring that the building performs to its optimal thermal value for as long as your building is standing.Reflective foil insulation panels create a barrier between the inside of a property and the external environment. In the case of a hot day, foil insulation panels will reflect heat back out and away from a building, preventing it from getting too hot.

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