Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation is one of the most widely used insulation types. It comes in the form of batts and rolls which are made of materials such as fibre glass, polyester, natural wool and rock wool. Blanket insulation is usually installed in walls, floors and ceiling of residential houses to build a thermal barrier. It also can be used as acoustic insulation for commercial buildings.

Knauf Earthwool roof insulation blankets, which can also be known as foil faced insulation blankets, are installed to cut down massive amount of heat that escapes through the roof. The reflective foil faced insulation blankets are ideal for the metal roof insulation process because of the large range in blanket R-value. Additionally, this blanket insulation is cost-effective, odourless, low dust, non-combustible and no added formaldehyde, which make easy to handle and install.

A well-insulated home is an investment that will pay itself back in a mere couple of years, as you will be saving up to 50% off your energy bills. Being less reliant on your heating and cooling will not only save you money, but also help in reducing greenhouse gasses and your overall carbon footprint without needing to change your habits. Insulation is vital in creating your most comfortable and liveable home yet.

If you are looking to buy Earthwool Blanket Insulation to install in your walls, ceiling or underfloor we at No Gap Insulation will be able to look after you. Call us on 03 8592 1900 or email us on for the cheapest blanket insulation prices in Melbourne.

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