Kingspan White Aluminium Foil Tape

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Fire retardant reinforced aluminium foil tape providing a vapour seal join in aluminium faced insulation products.



Kingspan White Tape – High Strength, Flexibility, Conformability

Kingspanā€™s aluminium tape in the white varietyĀ is a fire retardant reinforced aluminium foil tape providing a vapour seal join in aluminium faced insulation products. It is particularly well suited toĀ Kingspan Insulwhite.Ā Designed for use in the insulation and air-conditioning industries, KingspanĀ Tape AluminiumĀ Foil (White)Ā is pressure-sensitive for excellent adhesion and has early fire hazard properties.Ā The nature of the backing gives Kingspan Tape a rare combination of high strength, flexibility and conformability.

  1. Install the Kingspan Insulation products taut and without significant sag or ā€˜slackā€™.
  2. Use a minimum 72 mm (for commercial and retrofit buildings) or 48 mm (for residential buildings) wide reinforced foil tape for sealing joins.
  3. Check that the surface to which the tape is to be adhered is free from any contamination such as dust, dirt, oil or silicones. If in doubt, clean surface with a clean rag andmineral turpentine, and wait until dry before applying.
  4. Make sure that the tape is centred on the join so that there is equal coverage on either side of the join.
  5. Use a plastic squeegee or blade to apply adequate pressure to the aluminium tape ā€“ the more surface contact is achieved the better the result.
  6. Follow the contours of the substrate.Ā Avoid pulling the tape taught or try to flatten the contours out with the tape.Ā Allow theĀ Kingspan tape toĀ conform to the irregularities of thesurface, then rub down. When the tape has been applied with adequate pressure it should be seen to follow the contours of the insulation and the texture of the insulation facing should be visible through the tape.
  7. When sealing angled joints in longitudinal direction, apply the tape in short sections to one side of the join. Using a blade or squeegee, rub it down as far as possible into the corner and then apply to the other side of the join.

General advice for applying Kingspan Thermal Insulation Tape

Taping of joins in Kingspan Insulation products is a means of sealing the join only and is not intended to replace a mechanical fixing where there may be stress or pressure on the join. Where thereis stress or pressure on the join e.g. wind loading, a more secure means of securing the join must be investigated. Where it is difficult to apply sufficient pressure on the tape, apply a 25 cm long piece of tape across the join at 1.0 m spacing. Where possible, the length of the tape used should not only cover the length of the join, but continue around the next edge to provide an ā€˜anchor pointā€™.If possible, arrange joins adjacent to a hard unyielding backing surface so that maximum pressure can be achieved when applying the tape.

When taping Kingspan Insulation products, a plastic squeegee or blade must be used to apply suitable pressure to the tape. Apply pressure as the aluminium foil tape is being rolled out, rather than after the application, to achieve maximum adhesion, following the surface contours of the Kingspan Insulation products. Donā€™t flatten the contours out with the foil insulation tape. Care should also be taken to ensure that the material joined by the tape is not liable or subject to movement. Movement of the two surfaces joined by the tape can create excessive pressure on the join and can lead to tape failure. These tapes are not to be used as mechanical joining devices.For complete information on the extensive range of products available from Kingspan Insulation, visit theirĀ website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kooltherm?

The Kingspan Kooltherm range is an extensive range of high performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation for roofs, walls and floors.


Kingspan Kooltherm offers among the most thermally efficient conductivity and thermal performance values available, which means you can minimise the thickness of your insulation compared to other conventional insulation to achieve the same performance.


Kingspan Kooltherm also has exceptional fire performance characteristics. As it is a thermoset material, it hardens and chars in fire situations, giving off very little smoke; unlike thermoplastics, such as polystyrene which melt, soften, and give off thick black smoke.

What is phenolic insulation?

Phenolic insulation, like our KoolthermĀ range of products, is the most thermally efficient insulation commonly used. It is made through a manufacturing process where a rigid thermoset foam forms an insulating core between two facing elements, for example, a low emissivity composite foil.


Choosing a phenolic insulation will make it easier to reach those high target R-values with a minimal thickness of insulation.

Are Kingspan insulation boards affected by water or moisture?

Our Kooltherm and Therma ranges are closed-cell types of insulation. This type of insulation is resilient to the occasional light sprinkle of water but should always be kept and stored in dry conditions to maximise its thermal performance.


In cases where insulation is expected to get wet or where it is to be installed outside any tanking membrane, we recommend usingĀ Kingspan GreenGuard, which isnā€™t negatively affected by groundwater or moisture.

Why is a 40mm cavity needed in a double brick cavity wall for K8 cavity board?

The masonry standard AS 3700 states ā€œin cavity walls and masonry veneer walls, cavities with a minimum width of 40mm, which are properly detailed and constructed, shall be regarded as being resistant to the passage of moistureā€.
Kingspan recommends a maintained 40 mm cavity in all cavity walls to reduce the risk of moisture penetration that can lead to structural damage, poor thermal performance, and health hazards.

What is the difference between Kooltherm & Therma?

Kooltherm is a range of advanced phenolic insulation. It is the thinnest commonly used insulation board for any specific R-value. This means that you can benefit from reduced heating or cooling demand or use thinner boards to gain more space in your building.


Therma is a range of PIR insulation boards.Ā 

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