Pink Batts Soundbreak Acoustic Insulation

From: $60.01

Protect your home from loud external noise with Pink Soundbreak, Fletcher Insulation’s acoustic insulation and the most optimal choice for your home and peace of mind.


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Pink Batts Soundbreak Acoustic Insulation, like the original Pink Batts, are an iconic product known and loved Australian wide. Pink Soundbreakis manufactured using innovative technology which makes them softer to touch as compared to traditional glasswool insulation. Pinks Batts wall insulation maintains its firmness, ensuring it remains in place for optimal and ongoing acoustic and thermal performance.

Insulation is an essential step in building a new home. It is an investment in you and and your home, by ensuring a comfortable internal temperature all year round. It will also pay itself back in a few years by drastically reducing your energy bills. Insulation reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, therefore meaning you rely less on your heating and cooling systems.

Acoustic insulation is vital for those who live near noisy areas such as near factories or highways, and will decrease external noise from disturbing the peace in your home. You can also create quiet zones within a home with Pink Soundbreak, but installing acoustic insulation in areas like studies and bedrooms to block out sound, or in theatre rooms to prevent noise from filtering through the home.

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