3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Insulation

Consider everything that you need to think about when building a property. Insulation is probably quite low on the list, but it is something you should take an interest in. Without your input your builder may choose the cheapest option, which won’t factor in what is best for you and your home. We’ve put together the three main question you need to ask when choosing insulation. You can ask your builder, you can ask Google and you can ask us, the insulation experts! If you’re at a loss about where to start, then keep reading.

1. Where do I need to insulate?

To protect your home from Melbourne’s crazy weather, it is essential to insulate your ceiling and external walls. You also have the option to insulate internal walls to reduce noise transfer around the home. Floor insulation is also something to consider for those who have floorboards, have multiple stories or just want the entire house to be protected.

Your energy report will tell you where you need to insulate as a minimum, but chat to your builder and an insulation expert for their advice. If you want a home that is protected from external noise, weather and is energy efficient, then you should consider those extra options.

2. What R-value do I need?

The area you live in largely contributes to what R-value you will need in your home. Cooler climates, such as Melbourne, require a higher R-value than warmer climates. Again, check your energy report. This will tell you the minimum requirements for your home.

R-values measure the thermal capabilities of your insulation and home. A higher R-value means more resistance to heat. If you are interested in acoustic insulation, you may want to add a higher R-value than what is specified in your energy report. No Gap Insulation will sometimes recommend a higher R-value if we believe it is necessary for the building.

3. Where can I find cheap insulation in Melbourne?

No Gap Insulation have been supplying and installing quality insulation all over Melbourne for over 20 years. Our prices are low and comparable but we do not sacrifice quality for cost. In saying this, No Gap Insulation guarantees you will get the best value for money with our services. Choosing insulation based on brands is something many people do, but don’t stress about this as we only stock the best insulation products Australia and the wider world have to offer. This includes Knauf Earthwool, Fletcher Pink Batts, CSR Bradford, Kingspan and many more brands. Click here to check out our range of products.

A well-insulated home is the most effective way to provide year-round comfort and improve the energy efficiency of your building, saving you money on your energy bills and reducing greenhouse gases. Call No Gap Insulation today for expert advice on your insulation project and to book in with us today.

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