Acoustic Insulation: Creating Peace and Quiet In Your Home

Insulation has a range of benefits, but the main one everyone talks about is the thermal capabilities. That is its main purpose, however one thing to remember is that insulation also has amazing acoustic benefits. If you’ve ever been frustrated at the noise of the TV on the other side of the house, then acoustic insulation is for you.

How does acoustic insulation work?

So standard insulation regulates temperature by preventing excess heat from entering. Acoustic insulation works in the same way; it prevents noise from travelling in and out of rooms, as well as between floors in multi-storey homes. To help make more sense of it; think of sound as energy that moves in the form of waves. The insulation installed between your walls absorb the intensity of these waves. This means the noise transfer around the home is drastically decreased.

Acoustic insulation works in the same way thermal insulation regulates temperature – preventing noise from traveling in and out of rooms and between floors. To help understand a bit more, think of sound as energy, moving in the form of waves. Essentially, the batts of insulation between your walls absorb the intensity of these waves.

Why do I need acoustic insulation?

Acoustic insulation is a great choice for many households. Kids of any age are a perfect example. Families with very young children would benefit from insulation in the internal walls to help block out noise from their room so they can sleep soundlessly and you don’t need to worry about accidentally waking them up. It’s also a great option for families with older kids. Multiple televisions and gaming can cause excessive noise in the home, especially they’re up late at night. Acoustic insulation will help keep sound transfer to a minimum.

No kids? You may have a home office, or plan on turning your home into a share house, which means you may want to think about soundproofing your home to keep the peace. This kind of insulation is also a great option if you live near loud highways, airports or factories. This is because acoustic insulation helps block out external noises when installed in external walls. Generally if you are someone who is sensitive to loud noises or sound disruptions, this is a great way to ensure you are comfortable in your home.

Which products should I use for sound insulation?

If you’re unsure whether or not a product is acoustic or thermal insulation, look out for the HD after the R-value. Otherwise, most brands have their products in a different colour range or specifically have sound in the name of the product. Generally acoustic insulation has a higher R-value.

Brands such as Earthwool, Pink Batts and Bradford all stock soundproofing products. As long as the R-value is the same, all products will produce the same results. Remember that acoustic insulation is still a great thermal insulator, so you’re not sacrificing warmth for sound reduction.

If you have any further questions, we have a blog comparing acoustic and thermal insulation here. Otherwise you can give us a call on (03) 8592 1900. No Gap Insulation supplies and installs insulation all over Melbourne, so if you’re interested in booking a project give us a call today!

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