Comparing Insulation Batts Vs Rolls – Which is Better?

Insulation Batts Vs Rolls

Insulation Batts and Rolls are two types to consider when looking at installing ceiling insulation.

Basically there isn’t a big difference between the two, other than the way they are installed.. Both products will insulate the ceiling and help towards creating a regulated temperature within the building. Insulation batts are individual pieces that are placed up between the ceiling joists, whereas the rolls are rolled out across the joists.

If there are obstacles up in your ceiling then the batts may be a better option for you. Obstacles can include any electrical wiring and ceiling joists. Insulation rolls are also a great choice if you are installing over old insulation for added protection. However, if you want insulation to be precisely placed batts may be your preferred choice. If the insulation is installed correctly, there shouldn’t be any worries as both products would perform in the same way.

One thing to consider is if you will be installing yourself or hiring an installer to do the job for you. Installing rolls can be less time consuming as they are unrolled into the area, whereas insulation batts need to be placed piece by piece. Remember that ceilings can be full of structural obstacles (joists, electrical etc.) so rolls may need to be cut and in the process take longer than installing batts. The ceiling is a particular tricky area to self-install, so be wary. Consider going through an insulation company with installers on hand to get the job done for you.

Considering R-values

When looking at insulation make sure you know what R-value is needed in your home. This goes for both insulation batts and rolls. The minimum R-values for ceilings is R4.0 across Australia. If you live in colder climates like in Melbourne and Tasmania you may need higher. Check your energy report to see what is needed in your home.  All insulation with the same R-value should essentially work the same when looking at the thermal qualities.

Not all insulation batts and rolls and created equally. Earthwool insulation rolls are only available in R2.0, which is not high enough for stand-alone ceiling insulation. This means it should only be considered as a top up of existing insulation.

Price comparison

The pricing is similar when comparing the same area per m². Consider the area in the ceiling, how practical it is to use each type and whether or not there would be wastage by cutting down the batts or rolls. You could easily figure out costs by looking into these details. You can click here to check out the pricing of our ceiling insulation products.


All types of insulation should last for the lifetime of the building. Earthwool, for example, have a 50 year warranty on their products. Most insulation brands have a similar guarantee in place with their products. Some even include a lifetime warranty. No matter what you decide, you will always be covered with a warranty if for any reason your insulation fails you.

So what should I choose?

We would normally recommend insulation batts for ceiling insulation. It is more common and can be cut to easily fit into spaces, especially around ceiling joists. However, some applications do favour insulation rolls. If you have any queries or want advice on what to choose for your project, contact  No Gap Insulation at (03) 8592 1900. Our experts would be more than happy to go through everything with you to ensure you are making the best possible decision for you and your project.

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